April is National Facial Protection Month


April is National Facial Protection MonthIf your child is actively participating in sports in sunny San Diego, whether it is softball, basketball, football, then he or she is at greater risk for dental injuries.  A dental sports injury can occur in the form of a chipped or cracked tooth, broken jaw, cuts to the inside of the mouth, lips, and/or tongue.

Here are some dental facts:

  • Did you know that 3 out of 4 children will have experienced some type of injury to their teeth by the age of 15?
  • Girls are more likely to have a dental injury due to sports.
  • The cost of treating sports-related dental injuries can cost thousands of dollars! (Factor in the time and cost of treatment, numerous follow up visits, and time lost from work and school.)

Custom Mouthguard

A custom athletic mouthguard is an easy way to protect your child’s teeth during sports.  It will cushion the impact from a fall or an errand blow to the mouth.  Every year there are 200,000 dental injuries that are prevented by using a mouthguard.  Using a well fitting mouthguard can lessen the impact from concussions and jaw fractures.  Moreover, a well fitting mouthguard can reduce soft tissue injuries to the cheeks, tongue, and lips.

Dr. Allen Job says, “custom athletic mouthguards are made to fit your child’s mouth comfortably.”  They optimally protect the teeth, gums and jaw.  They flex, yet won’t tear.  They won’t limit speech or breathing.  More importantly, more since they fit perfectly they are more likely to be used regularly than an ill-fitting one.”

Ready-made mouthguards may be cheaper, but don’t fit as well thereby making it harder to speak or breathe.  Consequently, they are worn less.  Also, they also do not provide the same comfort and protection as a custom athletic mouthguard.

Check out more recommendations regarding  on what to do in case of dental injury.

Contact All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and find out how we can incorporate your child’s team colors into his or her custom athletic mouthguard.

Save your smile with a mouthguard!

Dr. Allen Job, DDS, MS, MPH, MS is a board certified pediatric dentist who practices in San Diego, California, where he specializes in prevention.  He is also an assistant professor at Loma Linda University Department of Pediatric Dentistry.